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Healthy and refreshing Watermelon Smoothie

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Red Watermelon

Ripe red watermelon is a wonderful fruit to eat to protect your body against the effects of chronic inflammation. Watermelon is high in vitamin C, vitamin A, beta-carotene, and lycopene which are key antioxidants that protect the body against cell damage and the effects of chronic inflammation.


Turmeric is a rhizome that can be eaten fresh or dried and ground into a powder. It’s a very popular spice especially in Indian cuisine. Turmeric is one of my top choices for fighting inflammation and cleansing the blood. Turmeric’s potent health benefits are due to the presence of the antioxidant curcumin which has been widely studied and praised for its beneficial properties. Reduction of inflammation and pure blood helps keep you healthy and energized.


Ginger is a rhizome that has a slightly spicy flavor that pairs well with melons. Ginger contains high amounts of potassium and is a potent anti-inflammatory due to the presence of gingerol.

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Watermelon-Turmeric Smoothie
Fresh ginger and turmeric make this watermelon smoothie recipe a super-trendy and healthy drink. Serve it over ice for a refreshing way to start your day.
  1. Combine all listed ingredients into a blender or vitamix.
  2. Puree until smooth, about 1-2 minutes.
  3. Serve over ice, garnish with mint leaves and enjoy.
Recipe Notes

Note: Look for fresh turmeric in natural-foods stores, near its similar-looking relative, fresh ginger. Remove the skin with a vegetable peeler. You can swap 1 Tbsp. finely grated fresh for 1 tsp. dried.



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