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FullSizeRender-150x150 AboutAbout Alicia Merrell: I would describe myself as a concerned citizen, entrepreneur, mother and author.

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I started I eat 2 live to connect with family, friends and with other people who want to make changes in their life by providing them important information, news, tips and recipes to get started on their way to have a happy, healthier lifestyle.

Where this all began was working with a good friend of mine Dr. Anita Haque at her Chiropractic office and Wellness Center.FullSizeRender-150x150 About

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Haque Chiropractic

I have always been health conscious but there is always more to learn when it comes to good health and well-being. This made me really interested in getting more involved with her doctor supervised weight loss and nutrition programs at the office. So many people would come in fed up and nearing giving up hope that losing weight would ever be an option. They were following diet plan after diet plan which is known as weight cycling or yo-yo dieting. A constant up and down in weight but never anything stable.

Yo-yo dieting is not good for your health. Most of people will regain almost all the weight lost and sometimes even more. It gets harder and harder each time. A typical dieter may try up to 4 different new diet plans a year. Yo-yo dieting has been linked to heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. It also affects your emotions and confidence, the constant gain-lose-gain cycle. This can cause unnecessary stress which disrupts the hormone that regulates appetite. So you want to eat but more than likely at this point will choose something sugary or high carb rather than opt for a salad, and who wants to diet forever? It’s hard work. The key to lasting weight loss requires you to make a lifestyle change. Health is not something that just happens to you, it is something you have to plan.

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This inspired me to find out how and what was needed to be done for people to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight. Which lead me to countless hours of researching what is going on and why there is such a health epidemic in the U.S. and does it have a correlation to more people being overweight, obese, diabetic and suffering from more chronic illnesses than ever before. The question why kept bothering me?

This lead me to writing my first book Eat Smart, Live Long. My next question was this health crisis due to lifestyle, environmental, hereditary or the type of food consumed?

I started doing more investigative research. I was shocked and disgusted with what was going on, and how many harmful ingredients were allowed in our food in the U.S. but were banned in many other countries around the world because of health concerns. What was really going on with our food industry. Why are we being duped into eating food that are full of unhealthy additives, preservative, chemicals, GMO’s, hormones, stabilizers, added sugar, artificial coloring and dyes, that other countries feel are unsafe.

You, the consumer, needs to know what is going on in the food industry so you can take control of your health. You can start being your own food investigator. The power lies with you to take the first step and make changes to your health status.

My mission is to inform, inspire, educate and empower you, the consumer, with factual information not just about what is going on in the food industry but what chemicals you will find in medicine, personal care products and other everyday items, and provide you the tools to start a happier, healthier life.

I am so passionate about helping transforming lives that I am currently studying to be a Health Coach.

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